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I tried spray painting the Ranger lid to match the 2009-2010 Afghanistan pics. The end result turned out to be lighter than the ones in the pictures. I’ll need to darken the helmet even more, as most of the 2009-2010 Ranger lids are a bit darker.

But at least it’s not as bright as it was before.

I couldn’t find the net, which I used for the snake skin pattern on my other MICH, so I took off the hood of the ventilator/fan and used that for the pattern haha!

I got these 2 repro MICH helmets for my Ranger and FSBE loadouts. They were super cheap and initially I was afraid that they might be too small for my huge head. Ideally I need a size L when wearing a headset. These are bigger than the J-Tech/JUST MICH and they fit perfectly on my large noggin’ with a headset.

Ranger lid as per 2007 SOP (standard operating procedure)

tan color (since I can’t get my hands on Rustoleum 1917 spray paint)
bolts sharpied black
name above left ear in capital letters no bigger than 3/8 inches
2×3 inch velcro on center top and center back
velcro’d down goggle retention straps (not sure about the color, might need OD straps)
1 hole norotos shroud

And an old school MICH with an old 1 hole shroud for my FSBE loadout

Family picture