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I recently purchased this Paraclete small GP (general purpose) pouch on ebay. Got taxed 10 euro for it too, which sucks. Nice addition to the RAV though.

This vest was put together with the intention of making a CAG (Combat Applications Group) loadout. It is still a work in progress, as there are some things that I will add and/or change.

CAG inspired body armor

My most favorite part would have to be the assaulter back panel and the MBITR pouch comes in at a close second place.

My favorite part of the vest


Paraclete RAV
Paraclete med pouch
Paraclete frag pouch x2
MSA Paraclete M4 single mag pouch
MSA Paraclete M4 double mag pouch
Paraclete MBITR pouch
Paraclete 9/.45 double mag pouch
Paraclete 9/.45 triple mag pouch
Paraclete assaulter back panel

Later in the afternoon, I finally got my package in from the UK. I was slowly beginning to believe it would never arrive. You can’t believe how relieved I was when it came in. It’s all ranger green and smoke green stuff. Just 2 names from 2 different companies for 1 and the same color really.

Eagle Industries and Paraclete stuff

More pics of the setups tomorrow.