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Just a little test video with my newly acquired Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

Here’s the signal pouch added to the RLCS CIRAS, in combination with my Crye Precision Combat shirt.

This just in, an Eagle Industries ranger green signal pouch for carrying signal flare and flare pen gun. I think it’s first gen ranger green, but I have no clue whether it’s RLCS or civi. If you know, leave a comment please!

Edit: it’s not RLCS, but not necessarily civi. could be mil or maybe not. (confirmed by a major RLCS collector)

Here’s the CIRAS that I configured for my Ranger loadout. I bought the CIRAS from a UK forum, not realizing it was an actual RLCS issued CIRAS. So I’m pretty happy with the deal. This is also another work in progress as there are still some pouches that I would like to add.

Ranger inspired CIRAS

NSN tag


RLCS EI frag pouch(*)
EI M4 mag pouch x3(**)
EI med pouch(**)
EI admin pouch
RLCS EI hydro carrier(*)

(*) possible 2nd gen RLCS because of nsn tags. If anyone has some info on this, please comment or let me know!

2nd gen RLCS or not?

(**) 1st gen color but no tags, bust most likely to be civilian version pouches.

Later in the afternoon, I finally got my package in from the UK. I was slowly beginning to believe it would never arrive. You can’t believe how relieved I was when it came in. It’s all ranger green and smoke green stuff. Just 2 names from 2 different companies for 1 and the same color really.

Eagle Industries and Paraclete stuff

More pics of the setups tomorrow.

My other acquisition of the day is an Eagle Industries admin pouch in ranger green. Nothing special, as you can buy them on Ebay. It wasn’t too expensive and I bought it for later use. I was thinking of putting together a Ranger loadout using mainly civilian pouches. As everyone knows, RLCS (Ranger Load Carrying System) is hard to source. I see more FSBE II, SFLCS and MLCS stuff on ebay than I see RLCS. So going with civilian pouches saves us a lot of time and money.

Civilian Eagle Industries admin pouch in Ranger Green color.

I already do have 1 MBITR pouch, 1 frag pouch and 1 hydro carrier. Now I just need a vest to put it all on. But we’ll see about that, as it’s low priority right now. First I would like to finish the Paraclete setup that I’m putting together.

It’s confirmed that the two MBITR pouches that I have are indeed part of the Ranger Load Carrying System. Lack of tags and OD webbing indicates that it’s 1st gen ranger green as well. Nice to know and I hope I can trade these in the future for some nice stuff. That is why I bought them after all.