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Playing with my 550D again. This time I shot my helmets.


Just a little test video with my newly acquired Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

Ranger helmet v2.0

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Protective gear
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I have decided to go with an ANVIS mount + LPBP (low profile battery pack) setup again for my (repro) Ranger helmet. Just because it’s infinitely cooler than the standard Norotos 1 hole shroud.

This means that I am giving up on my CAG TC-2002 MICH, shown on the pic below.

Here are some reference pics.

On those Ranger pics, we can also spot some guys wearing a RAV and a TC-2000. They have not been confirmed as Rangers, but they wear practically the same gear, except for their RAV body armor and pouches, which is made by Paraclete. So I thought I’ll use the Ranger helmet for that loadout as well, all I need to do is change the body armor from the CIRAS to the RAV and I can call it a different loadout.

Here’s the signal pouch added to the RLCS CIRAS, in combination with my Crye Precision Combat shirt.

This just in, an Eagle Industries ranger green signal pouch for carrying signal flare and flare pen gun. I think it’s first gen ranger green, but I have no clue whether it’s RLCS or civi. If you know, leave a comment please!

Edit: it’s not RLCS, but not necessarily civi. could be mil or maybe not. (confirmed by a major RLCS collector)

So I finally purchased a set of Crye Precision Combat uniform. It has been issued to several LEAF (law enforcement & armed forces) units like Rangers and DEA FAST in Afghanistan. Rumor has it that the multicam pattern is just a temporary replacement for the UCP (universal camo pattern) that the US Army front line units are using in Afghanistan. It is a far superior pattern to the UCP and troops love it and as such it is slowly, but steadily replacing the UCP.

The shirt is very basic and features the cotton stretchy part which also has moisture wicking abilities. A velcro covered pocket is situated on each sleeve, used for storing small items like pens, batteries etc… the velcro is used for attaching IR flags, IR tabs, callsign tabs etc. …

The combat pants are designed to be a purely operational fighting lower garment, aggressively cut for maximum mobility – according to Crye Precision.

The waist band is padded for extra comfort.

Close up of a belt loop, which consists of a main loop for a belt and a smaller one to hang accessories from.

The pants feature 10 pockets in total. Front upper pocket interior. The M4 mag is a G&G airsoft one, as I don’t have any real ones.

This is the front lower pocket with an M4 mag for size comparison.

Rear upper pocket

rear middle pocket

lower side pocket

The knee and the lower back area are fitted with a stretch fabric which allows for maximum freedom of movement. The stretchy material is tough enough to withstand tearing, yet comfortable to the skin.

The vertical position of the kneepad can also be changed according to your needs thanks to the adjustable straps in the front upper pockets.

On this picture you can see the knee pad adjusters set to maximum and minimum length.

These combat pants can be adjusted to optimal fit thanks to the velcro straps behind the knee and around the ankle.

Eventhough I absolutely love the set, I do have some remarks. The gen 2 kneepads are incredibly hot. It’s definitely worth to upgrade to the newer gen 3 ones, which are vented and allow for better airflow.

I don’t know why CP has opted to omit the use of a button to do up the pants. Instead they went for a velcro closure, which I can see failing in the long run or in dusty and or sandy conditions. But adding a button DIY style shouldn’t be hard to do.

I tried spray painting the Ranger lid to match the 2009-2010 Afghanistan pics. The end result turned out to be lighter than the ones in the pictures. I’ll need to darken the helmet even more, as most of the 2009-2010 Ranger lids are a bit darker.

But at least it’s not as bright as it was before.

I couldn’t find the net, which I used for the snake skin pattern on my other MICH, so I took off the hood of the ventilator/fan and used that for the pattern haha!