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Playing with my 550D again. This time I shot my helmets.

Just a little test video with my newly acquired Canon 550D / Rebel T2i / Kiss X4

Ranger helmet v2.0

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Protective gear
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I have decided to go with an ANVIS mount + LPBP (low profile battery pack) setup again for my (repro) Ranger helmet. Just because it’s infinitely cooler than the standard Norotos 1 hole shroud.

This means that I am giving up on my CAG TC-2002 MICH, shown on the pic below.

Here are some reference pics.

On those Ranger pics, we can also spot some guys wearing a RAV and a TC-2000. They have not been confirmed as Rangers, but they wear practically the same gear, except for their RAV body armor and pouches, which is made by Paraclete. So I thought I’ll use the Ranger helmet for that loadout as well, all I need to do is change the body armor from the CIRAS to the RAV and I can call it a different loadout.