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Playing with my 550D again. This time I shot my helmets.

Force Recon MSOB helmet

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Protective gear
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I acquired a cheap MSA MICH TC2000 recently. The reason it was so cheap, was because it had multiple holes drilled into it at the front. So the owner was willing to let it go cheaply. My buddy collector gave me the heads up and I of course jumped to the occasion to buy it.

I asked the seller to put on some 100 mph tape to hide the holes and it makes it look even more used that way, which I actually like haha.

Another package consisted of 2 items. A Norotos 3 hole NVG mount shroud and a Norotos‘ patented Titanium Advanced Tactical Helmet Mount Assembly (TATM HMA LgArm) .

Quite hard to come by in Europe, since most US sellers don’t ship these out of CONUS. And again, my buddy collector gave me the heads up, so thanks to you! You know who you are! :)