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Just got this in today from MSA gel ear cups. I ordered these a few weeks ago together with a Nexus U-94 U/A PTT. Unfortunately they forgot to ship the ear cups when they sent out my order and it took them until today to get these out to me.

First impressions were that these are indeed very comfortable to wear, more so than the standard ear seals. They are made out of gel inserts and are heavier than the stock foam inserts. I wear glasses and although I didn’t have any problems with the other inserts, these feel even better. Actually I don’t feel them at all when I wear them, which is great.

Definitely worth upgrading to these ear cups, especially when you consider their low price.

I’ve been quite lazy lately to update the blog recently. These last few weeks I have been getting the last couple of pieces of 2009.

All in all it has been a very, very good year for my collection. Not only have I found most of the FSBE II pouches that I had been looking for, I have also acquired the 3 issued vests/body armors. All this doesn’t come cheap though, but fortunately I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t speed in my car. Like one guy at work said, some people just have strange hobbies. They like drinking, smoking, driving fast.

I like hunting and acquiring gear haha. It’s a nerdy thing to do, but I love it.

So here are the last couple of items of 2009.

A Nexus U-94 U/A PTT (push to talk button) wired for Kenwood 2 pin radios from Unfortunately they have forgotten to include the gel ear cups which I paid for and they haven’t been replying to my mails. Sucks, I hope they get back to me after New Year.

An Allied Industries holster adapter. This thing basically just allows you to use a Safariland 6004 holster on your MOLLE belt properly. Pretty hard to find. I’ve only ever seen 3 for sale, including mine.

black D-ring and black buckle dated 03.

A Safariland 6004 holster for Colt 1911 models. I already had the black version, but the tan one is more appropriate. It’s not that big of a deal I know, but it was bugging me to no end haha.

 And here’s the finished FSBE II first line.

  • Eagle Industries war belt
  • Eagle Industries suspenders
  • Eagle Industries 2006 FSBE II .45 FB mag pouches x2
  • Eagle industries 2005 FSBE II M4 mag pouches x2
  • Eagle Industries 2005 FSBE II weapon catch
  • CSM dump pouch
  • CSM light holster
  • Allied Industries 2005 FSBE II leg panel
  • Allied Industries 2004/5 FSBE II holster adapter
  • Gemtech TRL lanyard
  • Safariland 6004 tan holster for Colt 1911 models

Last month I purchased a set of MICH Ranger Communication System made by MSA Sordin. Being a mil-spec headset, it didn’t work with my civilian radio. Therefore I had to order a special PTT (Push To Talk) button with a built in amp circuit to make it work. I ordered one from I have been in contact with Keith Foote, the manager of the shop and he assured me that it would work. So I went ahead and ordered one today.

Since I bought the headset secondhand, I also ordered a set of gel ear seals. It would be more hygienic to switch them out.


The seals have a gel substance, which does not leak when punctured, in them, providing greater comfort and a better seal when wearing them with glasses. They’re quite cheap but they make a world of difference.

I won this MRCS (MICH Ranger Communication System) on Ebay. They are fabricated by MSA Sordin. It offers hearing protection and functions as a communication headset at the same time. It came with two Nexus U-94 U/A Push To Talk buttons (PTT) wired for MBITR radio. But they’re useless for me, as I don’t have an MBITR.

Next month, I will buy a PTT wired for a 2 pin Kenwood radio. To use this military headset, the PTT will need to be rigged with an microphone amplifier, as the impedance of the military microphone, which is rated at 150 Ohm, is too low to use with a civilian radio, which has a higher impedance. So I contacted the people at and they will wire up a PTT for me. If you are interested in the headset, you can also purchase it from their website: You can find it on Ebay from time to time and they’ll be cheaper to be honest.

So I was not at all satisfied with the med pouch I got in. The tag was removed and I think it’s a civilian version. So I sourced an FSBE 2 version, it’s not the older one, with the green tag, but instead I found a newer 2007 one.

I prefer the older version, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Furthermore I found and bought a set of MSA Sordins. I don’t actually know why I got them, just a cool item to have I guess.

Price was average, not too cheap, not too expensive. But I’m glad I found them. It’s the issued version that US Army Rangers use. It’s called MICH RANGER COMMUNICATION SYSTEM.