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I just picked these Paraclete MBITR pouches up from the post office. Initially I thought the seller hadn’t sent the package, but it came in the end. I had offered him a price, expecting him to send one single pouch. But when I opened it up, it contained not one, but two pouches. Sweet!

Paraclete Multi Band Intra Team Radio pouches

Now I just have to wait for another package coming from the UK. It’s taking forever to arrive, hope it’s not lost. I hate waiting for stuff…

It’s confirmed that the two MBITR pouches that I have are indeed part of the Ranger Load Carrying System. Lack of tags and OD webbing indicates that it’s 1st gen ranger green as well. Nice to know and I hope I can trade these in the future for some nice stuff. That is why I bought them after all.

Today I left work 2 hours early (with permission of course), because I knew they might be delivering a special package.

And as expected the mailman came and dropped off a package for me.

It contained two ranger green MBITR pouches. As you can see these are the military issued type MBITR pouches with flap. Unfortunately I don’t know whether these are a part of RLCS (Ranger Load Carrying System) or not. The ranger green color pouches are used by the Rangers but also by SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman) and other branches of the military. So there’s no real telling I guess.

And if they’re RLCS, I don’t know whether they are first generation or second gen ranger green, with first gen being the harder to find color. They are exactly the same as the Allied Industries type MBITR pouch, but there’s no proof as they lack a tag. Which might be a clue, as first gen RLCS lack tags as well.