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Posted: May 17, 2010 in Vests
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Something completely different from the FSBE II stuff is this London Bridge Trading 1961a. A chestrig that is used by many SOF operators including SEALS. This is the latest and most simple version without quick release and zipper (LBT-1961A-R) or flotation device storage compatibility (LBT-1961G).

It’s usually used in combination with some kind of plate carrier, like a slick LBT-6037, Veltye Hugger or just a PACA as shown above.
Color of this rig is tan and as such it’s the very first piece of gear that I own in tan color. I have to admit that I am a bit tired of my coyote brown gear. I am not selling the FSBE II collection though, as I cannot bare to part with it yet. :)

LBT 6094B

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Vests
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There was a bunch of cheap LBT 6094B’s on Ebay, so I grabbed one just for the heck of it.

The seller listed the color as chocolate coyote brown. Ideally I wanted a tan 6094 for a SEAL loadout, but it was just to cheap to pass up.

Here’s a comparison pic between my FSBE II RRS-V and the LBT 6094B

Color difference is barely noticeable IMHO. And next is a comparison between the LBT 6094B in CB and the LBT 9034A in Tan.

Here the color difference is rather obvious.

Picture of the label.

I also picked up one of the internal mag shingles aka LBT 2645A, which are made to be used in this vest.

And here’s the end result with some FSBE II pouches that I just threw on there.


Posted: November 22, 2009 in Miscellaneous
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London Bridge Trading is a company known for their high quality tactical gear.Their gear is used by armed forces all over the world, including Navy Seals. That quality comes with a hefty price tag though.

So when I saw the LBT-1476a for $80 where they usually selll for $149, I bought it straight away.

It’s a three day assault pack in Mouse Grey, which is their version of Ranger Green/Smoke Green. The pack has 3 compartments and does not come with a frame unfortunately.

I have yet to take it out, but it will be used as my work pack. So it will be used daily.

Update: June 23rd 2010. I have been using this pack for exactly 7 months now on a daily basis and it’s holding up beautifully. The 1000D Cordura has softened up and makes it even nicer to use. The black paint on the hardware is coming off and showing the brass bits underneath it, but it all adds to the used look of it. I have also taped up all the excess webbing with some OD 100 MPH tape for that “tactical” look hah! Great pack, only complaint I have is that the back is not ventilated enough and can leave you with a wet, sweaty shirt on the back.