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A couple of French FSBE II collectors, Force Recon reenactors are getting together for a huge scale photoshoot in September 2010. Grahf is the main organizer and Saint Bourrin will come as an advisor. This event will take place somewhere near Paris. Everyone is welcome according to the organizer. Other SEAL and DEA FAST reenactors will be present for the photoshoot as well. But the main focus will be on the FR units.

There will be 2 semi professional photographers present on the field to ensure that the pics are of high quality. Admission to the photoshoot is subjected to some strict criteria regarding kitlist.

Kit list requirement

MSA/GENTEX Mich 2000 TAN or Mich 2000 with marpat cover (standard or with Norotos cutout)
Norotos 3 hole shroud
MSA MRCS or Comtac or nothing at all
Oakley A Frame or nothing at all
ESS NVG or Oakley M frame or nothing at all
CWU Sage Green
Ciras land or Mbss + paca + warbelt (no repro)
Safariland 6004 black
Kneepads Alta black or tricolor DCU or nothing at all
Boots Oakley assault boots or usmc approved (belleville, bates etc)
Oakley assault gloves or nomex standard green/sand (anything but mechanix)
Cyalume and some flexcuffs galore!
M4 sopmod with 6pos or 4 pos stock preferably, or else LMT type crane stock, with block 1 sopmod accessories
Meu soc 1911 preferably, with black lanyard
Regarding 2nd line, everyone please get a medic pouch, EI type or an IFAK. All pouches need to be EI or AI, doesn’t matter whether they’re issued or civi or what year they’re from.
Fake MBITR, no PMR or other types of radio.


Can everyone participate?

Yes, SEALs and some DEA FAST reenactors will be present as well, but only for some particular pictures. If you have a very detailed loadout, you could take advantage of a semi professional fotographer and his gear. Be advised that the main focus will be on the Force Recon pictures.

Ok I’m interested, I am gonna join as an FR operator, where do I sign up?

If you think your loadout corresponds to the criteria, post your pic in this thread and we will tell you whether it is good to go or not. If it is, I will add you

When will this take place?

Second or third Saturday of September.

Where will it happen?

Around Paris, the exact location has not been confirmed yet, but we are working on it.

How long will it take?

The whole day. There might also be a night skirmish after the photo session, but it is not sure yet. Whether the skirmish will take place or not, depends on conditions which are beyond my control.

What do we have to prepare?

There’s only one real requirement, namely that you shave. No beard or moustache. Those will totally ruin the realism of the photo session. Also bring a lot of water, being September, it will probably still be hot and running around all day with all that gear on…

Will there be a sign up fee?

Not at the moment, but most likely there will be a very minimal fee of around 5 to 10 euro per person.

Why, what are you planning?

We might be planning to use cinematic explosives to breach doors. This will take quite some additional work, to see if it can be done. Same with flash bangs, etc. …

How many persons will be present?

At least 5, 10-11 maximum. And I’m only talking about FR. They will be accompanied by SOTG instructors.

I have some extra gear, what do I bring?

Bring everything! Everything, be it closely or distantly related to FR, could always be useful. Same for replica gun accessories.

Do you want me to bring my gear all set up?

No, remove the pouches from your CIRAS and MBSS. Everything will be reconfigured and setup on site. We’ll also swap around pouches, but everything will be accounted for, so that there won’t be any losses or scams. We will setup your CIRAS, your first line, your Safariland etc, so we will be a coherent group. A lot of people think they have setup their gear well, but this is not always the case.

Cool, so I will get to use the gear I just bought!

Be advised, we will ask you to dirty up your gear a bit on site, just to give it a realistic look. We can’t have any squeeky clean flight suits that just came out of the washing machine or immaculate pouches.

For more info visit and


Tamiya paint

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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Got these cans of Tamiya spray paint to test out on my incoming replica MICH helmets. AS-15 TAN (USAF) and AS-22 DARK EARTH (RAF). Tamiya paint is rumored to be sold in PXs to military personnel to spray their weapons and gear.

Petzl carabiners

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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These Petzl carabiners arrived today. They will add as accessories / details  for loadouts.

IR flags

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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These IR flags came in the mail today.

Infrared flags

The green one will replace the reversed tan one, that I had on my TC2002. The full color one will go on my RAV. And the two remaining ones (one forward and one reverse) will go on the uniform I guess.

When I got this kit bag, it was full of dust and it smelled like cigarettes. It had been used, hard. Other people might dislike it, but I love it since it adds so much character to it.

2004 contract, made in 2005

coyote brown flyer kit bag vs. coyote brown fsbe II kit bag

fully loaded

all 3 rigs in

And luggage label of the original owner

Random stuff

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Miscellaneous
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Here’s some random stuff that I picked up recently.

Hemostats, which I bought to do some paracord weaving with. And some Sharpies, practically impossible to get in Belgium. Both items will be used as props for pics as well.

In the past I have bought 2 OD/Black camelbak hydration carriers. Both of them were second hand, used. So I never got to use them as I didn’t think it was hygienic.

I had been looking around for some cheap replacement bladder and in the end I found this newer edition OD/Black camelbak hydration carrier which uses the same bladder. The best thing is that it was so cheap. It cost me just half of what they charge for a new bladder!

Anyway here’s the pic of the new carrier and the old carrier (with the new bladder in it).

Both the new and old carrier have an NSN tag. The NSN tag on the new carrier (left) is visible through the filling hole and the NSN tag on hte old carrier is sewn on one of the shoulder straps.

Another reason I bought it, is because I can use it for my FSBE loadout. Check out the upper and lower reference pictures!